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White Feather: Tending Our Mother

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Let us nurture our Mother so that she may evolve as God intended,

and so that we may in harmony follow in her wake.

Ann: White Feather?

White Feather: Yes, Ann, it is I. I want to speak with you about the earth connections and vibrations you feel when you are closely attuned to our Mother. You will feel that your heartbeat has been synchronized with the planet, not just the planet that you see with its rocks, and trees, and streams and seas, but that which lies beneath, far, far beneath.

From that source comes the energy stream from which all on the planet has evolved. It is like a pedal tone, it is deep, a base note on the largest organ you can imagine and then more, deeper, louder, more resonant. It will take up all the space in your being if you give yourself to it. Let it happen, then move into the space that you occupy on this planet. Visualize your roots striating down through the many layers beneath to the hot center core. If you feel this resonance, here is your energy force.

It is not so for everyone. Some look upward, outward, to the heavens, to the stars, and beyond for their source of their primary spiritual connection. But everyone on the planet has a connection to our Mother be it primary or situational.

Simply look at that which is beneath your feet, that which holds you upright, steady, and able to move forward perfectly balanced with the vibrational rhythms of the planet. Then look to discover whether this is your natural home or if you are an honored guest, for some of you are lighter beings, always looking up to discover if in fact some far off star is your home.

Regardless of whether you are at home or a treasured guest, everyone when they first arrive here feels heavy, drug down a bit as if moving though water. And some of you have done exactly that because, depending upon your evolutionary history, you will find your particular habitat in different environs.

Some of you will move to the water, find you body most comfortable within its arms as you are lifted and moved with gentle waves or shaken to the core by crashing currents.

Others go to the forests, to the hills and know that they have lived in groundings beneath the earth, within its caves, or sheltered by its vegetation, and there they feel at home.

And some, the very oldest of you, gravitate to the desert, to Uluru, to the red sand of the oldest continent where the songlines that your Mother taught your ancestors can still be heard, albeit faintly now.

I ask you to find your natural comfort zone, where you could most comfortably hang your hat, so to speak, and then immerse yourself, if only in your mind, in that space. Feel its homecoming call to you. Here you will learn your own most basic rhythms.

Mine belong to Mother Earth who has been destabilized by the shocks she has received from the encroachment of irreverent and disrespectful civilization as she tries to move along her natural course of evolution.

She is trying now to re-establish a harmony that will carry her forward on what would in any event be a seismic transition but which now, with the twin insults of atmospheric pollutions and the pillage of soil covers with various chemicals has become erratic and violent.

There will always be change, of course, for the universe and all of its component parts constantly evolve. What she asks of you now is a gathering of energies to be directed at regeneration and growth.

Our Mother is strong still, but she needs tending. I ask that each of you, regardless of which of her natural habitats is your gravitational home, give back to her in gratitude and hope whatever you can, just a small part of what you have received. The resulting harvest will exceed your wildest imaginings.

We are one family. Where one goes, so do all the rest. With mindfulness, let us nurture our Mother so that she may evolve as God intended and so that we may in harmony follow in her wake.

January 31, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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