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White Feather: The Earth Is A Living Being

Mother Earth needs nurture and offers same

to those receive her gifts with respect and appreciation.

Ann: White Feather?

White Feather: Yes. I come to awaken those of you who walk upon the surface of the earth to the many energies moving unseen beneath your feet. Many of you are coming to the realization that the earth is a living being with finite resources that can only support so much life without depleting essential energies. She has been called upon for some time now without regard to her limitations and often without respect for the many gifts she has offered, and she now finds herself in crisis.

As a result, she is in the process of re-forming that which remains. Those who wish to continue with their Mother's blessing must reevaluate their actions and revise them accordingly in order to work with her.

Please take note: though Mother Earth is stressed, she is not dying and she is not punitive. She does not wish ill to those who have partaken thoughtlessly of her bounty, but she cannot continue on the same path. She simply has not the breath to do so.

Therefore, as she rearranges the energies within her depths to accommodate the changing formations on her surface and the atmosphere that surrounds her, there will be some violent outcroppings. Not all of you will be able to adapt to her changes, but those who do their part to help her move as gently as possible into her new configuration will benefit by lessening demands upon her bounty and thereby move more freely in concert with her.

In the process, the human population and that of other species will be reduced, for Mother cannot support indefinitely the demands which exhaust her precious resources of air, water and soil. The pandemic is moving many humans to rethink their footprint, and individuals as well collectives are recognizing that earthly resources are inadequate to the new order that is emerging.

Small is better now, smaller gatherings, smaller communities, smaller ambitions, and smaller footprints. You are asked to listen, to reach out, to help those closest to you, and those who are right around the corner but perhaps heretofore unseen because of the barriers you may have used to lock yourselves away from each other.

Mother Earth needs nurture and offers same to those who will receive her gifts with respect and appreciation, honoring her struggle to adapt to changing circumstances. New light and energy are beginning to emerge. All she asks is awareness and cooperation, for with that in the forefront of your consciousness, you can move together into the coming order in partnership with your family of origin.

January 12, 2022

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, Nature, Earth, anacapictures.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

Jan 28, 2022

Thank you White Feather for those wise words for us to heed, and for your kindness and love for Mother Earth and all inhabitants. While we may have many lives, we have only one Earth who has provided so much for us in each life and for our children's children.

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