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White Feather: The Earth Will Receive You

Mother Earth remains true in her aspects and in her intention.

Ann: White Feather?

White Feather: Yes. I come to you in this time of turmoil, turmoil for the earth and all its inhabitants, turmoil for those caught on the wings of departing energies making one last stand for power, pollution, and perpetuation of so called self-rule, rule not by the real sell, the Divine soul, but by the man made ego. These forces offer nothing but domination and oppression over those weaker than themselves.

We of the Earth understand this will to power only too well. For too long the Earth has been treated as the weak sister, the one incapable of standing up for herself, the one who would bear all in silence, and still offer her gifts without ceasing. And this has not changed, just the manifestation of same.

Mother Earth remains true in her aspects and in her intention. She offers refuge, just not in the way that the self-proclaimed power brokers taking temporary space on the planet imagine. She is here to offer cleansing, and yes refuge.

For even as she burns, even as her waters rise up and destroy, she teaches, and she teaches in love. She is part of the Divine Process of evolving creation, and in facilitating that evolution she keeps the planet alive to provide that refuge for all who would rest upon her and take nourishment from her seas, woodlands and plains now and in future times.

With her we experience the violent catharsis that is necessary to repel the practices that have put us all in danger. She will adapt and she will teach us how to do the same. We will learn to listen one way or another. She is our refuge and our strength if only we will honor what she has offered.

The extremes which we are experiencing now are part of the restructure and rebalancing away from the limited beings who cling with ever frantic breath to their self-assigned roles as masters of the universe. Humankind’s cannibalistic aggression is just another manifestation of the unbalanced state of energies on the planet.

As we go through the death throes of this old paradigm, we are learning that we must restructure our societal curbs on excess, and we are joining together to do so. This is the beginning. It will take time, but, as we confront and restrain our own dark impulses, we will also begin to address and restrain the repeated exploitations that our Mother has endured. She will welcome our efforts and provide direction and encouragement as we begin to heed her warnings.

We are entering a New Age. The process of re-birth is painful, illuminating, and in the end, will bring us back to a more natural order. We ask that you endure, that you persevere in this rebirth and restructure. Every step you take to restore balance in your lives in your communities, and in the broader governing structures will help to usher in the New Age.

It will not happen tomorrow, but it is happening. Consult your runes for further illumination.* Those who suffer and die do not give their lives in vain. They teach us what we need to know: Our refuge is in harmonious living with Mother Earth and all who reside within her loving arms.

March 1, 2022

*Runes: (Pictured below, read from right to left.)

Overview: Nauthiz. What is disguised as necessity and need is in fact the opportunity to step forth into manifestation.

Challenge: Mannaz, Reversed. The mystery of the divine in human form obscured at present by the cravings of the willful ego.

Action: Sowilo, sunlight, the eternal wheel that brings Divine Light and balance to creation. Only Divine Light will illuminate where we have been so that we can return to natural order, the evolving wheel of Divine expansion and love.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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