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White Feather: What Now?

Now is the time for a reset

in the spring of our seasonal transformations.

Ann: White Feather?

White Feather: Yes. I have been waiting to speak with you. We offer ourselves today a steady diet of noise and confusion, distraction and mésalliances, but there is at hand, for anyone who can look out a window and see a leaf, a blue sky, or a torrential rain, the opportunity to connect with the thread of community running through the center of all created beings.

We have tried to wall ourselves off into security with the result that we feel more vulnerable than ever. We cut ourselves off from our friends as well as our more stressful connections, not just because of the pandemic, but also because we have heard the call of that unitary voice, the one that starts deep in our core, vibrating our heart strings and turning out attention inward.

These have been the great benefits of the lockdown and have been grasped to a greater or lesser extent depending upon desire and opportunity. As we see that time of enforced contemplation coming to an end, perhaps we could extend its reach into the coming days that are not so mandated. Perhaps we could take ourselves out into the natural world and ask our Mother Earth for guidance.

She will never fail you. Whether her blessings are gentle and joyful or raging and fierce, she will show you that you are still part of the animal kingdom, part of the natural world of sentient beings and supposedly inanimate objects who may yet surprise you if you offer them a forum for expression.

Now is the time for a reset in the spring of our seasonal transformation, so too the opportunity for fundamental change. I simply ask each of you to consider where you belong, where the lessons you have learned, whether conscious or not, can lead you as you move onward and outward on this magnificent planet. If you turn to Mother Earth with a restful heart, she will not disappoint.

Stay with her this time around. Do not turn your back on her entreaties, her offerings, or her guidance. It is all there for you in this emerging new world that is yet to be formed. You can be a part of her evolution and become a co-creator, as you were always meant to be.

May 14, 2021

*White Feather is an ancient spirit perhaps of Native American origin.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

May 14, 2021

White Feature summarized where we are now in our evolution and reminded us to connect with Mother Earth. He asks that we seek her guidance. These are powerful words. Thank you Ann and White Feature.

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